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5 Quick SEO Tips that Anyone Can Do

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If you are concerned about your rankings on Google – start here to make your way to the front page.

SEO Tip #1

Claim your Google Business Profile

(time investment 1 hour) If you want them to help you – you’ve got to help them.
    1. Create a Google My Business account
    2. Enter your business’ address and confirm your location
    3. Add details about your business, such as hours of operation, holiday hours, website URL, and categories that best describe what you do
    4. Confirm ownership of the listing by verifying the provided phone number or postcard with code sent to the registered address
Once verified, you can use various features in Google My Business like responding to reviews, uploading images or making posts. Do these things. Keeping this profile fresh and up to date is important if you want to remain relevant to Google. Delegate this task.

SEO Tip #2

Register your Google Search Console #2

(time investment 1 hour)

Being registered with GSC gives you access to high-level information that is human friendly. Nope, don’t need an advanced degree in analytics to work with this one. It will alert you if something is wrong with your website, or if you are doing things well. Critical intelligence from Google.

  1. Log in to your google account – as above.
  2. Open search console and verify ownership of your account (you might want to send this one to your web admin.)
  3. Wait for data to start populating.

Don’t forget to check in there once every few weeks.

SEO Tip #3

Get More Reviews

(time investment 5 minutes)

Go to your new business profile by typing your full business name into google search. If you are still logged in you will see more management options like this:

Click on “Read Reviews” (circled in red above) and you will see in the top right-hand corner “Get more reviews.”

Copy the link by clicking on the copy icon here:

Now put that link somewhere safe and send it to your old customers and to new customers every time you complete a project.

Don’t forget you can send it to partners and anyone you work with. Just ask nicely.

“Hey, if you thought we did a good job with your project, would you mind leaving us a review here (insert link). It will really help us grow our business.”

SEO Tip #4

Get Listed Online

(time investment 1-2 hours / month) Google loves to see you mentioned around the internet referencing the exact same address and phone number, every time.
    • Google your business and see what you find – are there listings mentioning you with the wrong address or phone number? Get these corrected quick.
    • Find all the places you could get listed – associations and directories like yelp, yellow pages, BBB, Homestars, Nextdoor, and so many more. Make profiles on these. Remember – same address and phone for everything.
    • Keep a list of all the places you are registered so that you can edit them if you ever change locations.
    • Keep adding to them month over month.

SEO Tip #5

Optimize your content for keywords

(time investment 1 hour / week)

Optimizing your website content for keywords can help drive more traffic to your website and boost its visibility. To get started, use online tools to identify popular search terms related to your business. Consider the intent behind the searches, as well as the competition for each keyword and phrase.

There are several free tools available for keyword research, such as Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. With these tools you can identify popular related search terms and determine their competition level.

Once you have identified the keywords, incorporate them into your website copy, titles, headings and Meta descriptions. Additionally, ensure that all images on your site are properly tagged with relevant keywords to help maximize the visibility of your content.


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