Beautiful, Modern Websites for Construction and Home Industries
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Beautiful, Modern Websites for Construction and Home Industries

Dyggz was conceived based on feedback from home contracting businesses.

What we heard was that people just don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for this business tool. You operate in the ‘real world’, the one of dirt and grass. So we built dyggz to have different levels of website so you could graduate from one to the other as your needs grow.

In looking at the competition we realized you can’t get a decent website affordably.

They are ugly and restrictive. There is always the DYI option but you guys know how bad DIY projects can go, and how much time they can waste.

So we decided to give you beautiful, modern choices that look great, but are also easy for your clients to use.

This may sound strange but the psychology of selling starts here. Sometimes your website is the first thing a client will see of you. If it looks ratty and outdated, they may think that your work is shabby and your practices outdated. If they feel that your site is modern, attractive and easy to use they may think that you are of high caliber and do quality work. This is actually true.

Websites have never been this easy

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