Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy is About More than Websites and Marketing

Dyggz provides web design and lead generation services for the construction and home industries. We understand the complexity of your business and the challenges you face every day because we specialize in your industry – and your industry only.

Our Philosophy is About Understanding your Needs

Any marketing agency or web developer can design a site for you, but how effective will that site be if the company doesn’t get what you really do? At Dyggz, construction and home industries are our only focus. We’ve taken the time to learn about your businesses and never stop learning. We continually add to our knowledge base so that we can create sites that not only look good but also help you find new clients.

…Exceeding your Expectations

Exceeding your expectations is an integral part of our business strategy. We know you aren’t a technology expert and realize that there’s a certain level of trust involved in outsourcing your public image to us. That’s why it’s important that we not only meet your expectations, but provide extra value.

…and Building it Right

Sound familiar? It’s our mantra too. You know how important it is to build it right, whether you’re a general contractor, plumber, landscaper or architect. A website or marketing campaign must be well planned and well executed to deliver value and exceed expectations. That’s what we do.