Interactive Construction

Interactive Construction

Corporate Messaging, Website Design and Development


Interactive Construction is a construction company in Victoria BC. They are a team of experienced, innovative builders who believe the best way to deliver quality home building and renovation projects is through solid project management, dependable communications policies, and respect for their customers and their neighbourhoods. How do we know that?…

Interactive Construction approached Dyggz to help them with their first marketing materials – messaging and a website.


  • Identify the characteristics of desirable customers in the form of customer personas.
  • Develop corporate messaging to showcase their value proposition and set them apart from their competitors.
  • Create a youthful but friendly and modern website design that demonstrates professionalism, credibility and their commitment to community.
  • Build a modern, responsive website on the WordPress framework.
  • Incorporate SEO friendly features, social sharing, conversion points, and testimonials.
  • Set them up for future online marketing strategies.


  • Corporate branding exercises
  • Customer persona creation
  • Modern, responsive website design
  • Keyword selection
  • Search engine optimization
  • WordPress development
  • Google My Business and Houzz Profiles
  • Analytics

Having recently created our first website, we’re incredibly happy we chose Dyggz. We are very excited with the results, and Andrea’s skills go far deeper than just talented web design. Her involvement helped build our start-up company into something even better than it was before. The hands-on process shaped the way we present ourselves to potential customers and has benefited our business beyond measure. We will certainly be referring Dyggz to everyone we meet.