Position yourself as a leader


Does your corporate brand position you as an industry leader?
Are your proposals easy to manage, and winning you the best contracts?
Do you have top quality tradesmen and fully staffed crews?

Get your Corporate Identity Together

Together, we’ll identify all of your company graphic assets and perform a graphic design refresh and organize your corporate digital assets so that everyone has access to, and uses the correct versions.

We’ll also create a corporate Style Guide to establish organization-wide style rules which will improve communication and ensure consistency across all corporate materials.

Proposals Design & Management System

Firstly, we’ll conduct a collaborative content and design review, and update of your current proposal.

Then we will provide the setup and training of a drag-and-drop, document management system with approvals, tracking, and legal e-signatures for your quotes, proposals, and contracts.

Talent Acquisition and Culture Tools

Our talent and acquisition initiative includes the creation of an easy-to-use corporate culture and hiring microsite. as well as a centralized job posting and applicant storage and management system – because hiring shortages are going to be long term.

Keep your potential hires out of your inbox.

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