A little history

Dyggz Marketing Inc. is owned and operated by Andrea Butterworth and Chris Bjorklund. Andrea and Chris have worked together on various projects since 2003 when they met working at Bravenet Internet Technologies. They both developed an interest in the construction space separately, and worked and learned about this space. They have recently teamed up again to work on Dyggz where they bring extensive knowledge and dedication to clients in the construction industries. Together with a team of highly professional web designers, developers and online marketing specialists they are thrilled to work with amazing clients on great projects in the construction space.

The Team

Andrea Butterworth

Andrea Butterworth
Web Strategy

Dyggz Marketing Inc.

Andrea Butterworth has been involved in web publishing for over 16 years. She quickly rose to senior management positions in large Internet companies
such as Bravenet (Director of Content and Design), Beanstream Internet Commerce (Director Of Marketing) and OnPage Media (Publisher). Having been
at the strategic level of web publishing and marketing for over 10 years Andrea decided to launch her own business, CalliaMedia, helping small business with their marketing strategies. After taking on many clients in the construction space and learning of their challenges and the proper strategies for their industry, Andrea decided to focus her business solely on the construction space with Dyggz. She now helps clients big and small prepare and implement successful marketing strategies that lead to sales. Andrea personally oversees all Dyggz projects and is backed by a talented team of professionals.

Chris Bjorklund
Digital Strategy

Dyggz Marketing Inc.

Chris Bjorklund is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years of global product development, web marketing and online lead generation experience across construction, oil & gas, real estate, engineering, trades, government, media and technology.

Most recently, he was the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at SEE Forge Inc., a mobile app field automation company. Chris helped Fortune 1000 energy and construction companies improve their digital strategy, operational excellence, business processes, increase profits and minimize risks.

Chris’s company was voted #2 best emerging mobile technology in Australia 2013 by oZAPP Awards.

Ask Chris about…

  • Building Predictable Revenues – Maximize shareholder value
  • Product Marketing – How to build & market amazing companies
  • SEO Expert – Achieved a #1, #2 and #3 Google SEO ranking for 4 years and counting.
  • Customer Experience – Make customers LOVE your products
  • Online Sales – E.g. he grew sales by 347% in 30 days of launch (with minimal investment)
  • Digital Strategy – Getting things done consistently, rapidly and effectively