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Top Five Essential Technologies for Running your Construction Business

essential construction software
essential construction software

As a CEO and leader in the construction business, you know that technology often holds the key to unlocking your company’s full potential—the ability to quickly generate new revenues, realize greater efficiencies for existing projects, and ultimately drive growth.

With so many options available today, however, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. To help you out of this conundrum, we’ve put together a list of the top five essential technologies for running your construction business – included are tips on how you can best exploit each piece of technology to maximize their impact on your workflows and bottom line.

Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Automate your financial management with software designed for the construction industry.
The construction industry is undergoing rapid digital adoption in the way of cloud-based accounting software.

Automating your financial management with construction-industry-specific software reduces the manual paperwork and accounting errors associated with traditional methods of tracking construction expenses, revenue, and job costings.

Using cloud-based software also ensures that multiple team members can access up-to-date business information simultaneously from any device, so keeping track of and reporting on finances is made much more efficient.

For construction companies looking to streamline their financial management processes and go digital, there are many benefits to be had with cloud-based accounting software specifically designed for those in the construction industry.

Construction Project Management Software

Streamline and manage projects with a comprehensive suite of digital tools, from estimates to invoicing.
Construction project management is a complex process. However, construction companies of all sizes can now benefit from an efficient digital solution to streamline the many intricacies of construction projects. A comprehensive suite of construction project management tools – like those available through construction project management software – can simplify tasks like job costing, time tracking and invoicing, ultimately reducing cost and maximizing profitability.

More than just enabling construction teams to stay organized and better manage their workloads, construction companies now have the power to remain competitive in a tight economy using construction project management software.

Business Intelligence Tools for Construction

Analyze data quickly and get insights into your operations in real-time.
Business intelligence (BI) tools are becoming increasingly important for construction operations. BI tools provide users with the power to quickly access and analyze data from their projects, enabling them to make more informed decisions faster.

With BI tools, construction firms can get real-time insights into their operations and how they stack up against industry benchmarks. This invaluable data can inform decisions on everything from managing project costs to tracking labor productivity.

BI tools allow construction companies to make timely changes that improve efficiency and keep projects competitive, resulting in better overall outcomes.

Mobile Field Management Solutions

Manage tools, staff, and contractors in the field with GPS tracking, asset management, and real-time project updates.
Keeping up with the activities and needs of field operations can be a big challenge, but thanks to mobile field management solutions, it doesn’t have to be.

With these efficient services, you can keep an eye on all of your projects from the moment they start to completion, with visibility over tools, staff, and contractors in the field. Realtime updates mean there’s no more need for constant check-ins; instead, you’re able to manage productivity through a comprehensive GPS tracking system as well as automated asset management programs.

In short, organizing your field workers is now easier than ever before – so don’t leave yourself behind and make sure you get full control over what happens in the field.

Data Security Solutions for Construction Companies

Protect sensitive data from cyber threats by using secure client portals, two-factor authentication, and cloud service providers.
Construction companies need to be especially concerned with data security since they are regularly required to store sensitive information like financial records or customer data.

In order to prevent data breaches and other cyber threats, construction companies should take advantage of a few key solutions. Secure client portals allow companies to pass confidential files securely and easily between clients and contractors. Additionally, two-factor authentication adds a layer of protection that requires a secondary form of identification like codes or biometrics for access.

Cloud service providers also ensure secure storage with features like encryption and backup solutions in case the worst happens. By implementing these solutions, construction companies can protect their data from unwanted intrusions and keep information safe from prying eyes.

Construction companies looking for greater efficiencies and streamlined operations need to ensure that their technology stack is up-to-date and suitable for their specific needs. From cloud-based accounting software to business intelligence tools, there are a variety of solutions available to help construction companies manage projects more easily and efficiently.

Furthermore, mobile field management solutions provide real-time updates from contractors, while data security solutions protect against cyber threats. With all these tools at your disposal, you can create a customized solution that meets the unique requirements of your business.

At Dyggz, we specialize in digital adoption and can assist you in getting the most out of your technology investments. Talk to us today about how you can best utilize technology to run your business more efficiently and profitably.


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