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You wouldn’t start a job without a blueprint or plan and neither do we. During the website design for construction and home industries process, we’ll:

  • Help you determine goals for your website
  • Benchmark your current metrics
  • Define your ideal customer
  • Identify your value propositions and key messaging
  • Develop a content strategy that will achieve your website goals
  • Create website designs and structure to support your goals

During this phase, we’ll also identify the keywords that will help your site rank high in search engine results. Those keywords will be used in the copy throughout your site as part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. WordPress, our platform of choice, is ideal for SEO-friendly content management.

We’ll also take care of the technical details, like:

  • Installing Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools – essentials for tracking the performance of your site
  • Activating newsletter and blog signups and email request forms
  • Adding a built-in RSS feed, which allows subscribers to automatically see the latest content from your site
  • Adding social media icons to your page so that visitors can quickly click through to your social media accounts and follow or share content.

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